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By Marilyn Salmonson

Available: Barnes and Noble Book Stores

   Fasting as unto the Lord
Marilyn Salmonson

Do you expect to get in shape without exercising?

Do you think you will wake up one morning to find that excess pounds have melted away and your biceps are perfectly toned? Of course not! Then why do you hope for similar results in your relationship with God? Why do you expect your spiritual health to be any different from your physical health? Just as it takes a good workout program to get in shape physically; it takes prayer and fasting to get in shape spiritually.

This comprehensive book by Marilyn Salmonson offers a wealth of information, incorporating scriptural guidelines for fasting with contemporary scientific knowledge on how to physically maximize your fast.  Has fasting confused you in the past? Do you feel like you’re not getting results when you fast? Read and learn the answers to these questions and more:

What are the benefits of fasting?
What effect does fasting have on my physical body?
How did God command us to fast?
Why does God require fasting?
How should I prepare for a fast?

Don’t settle for an uninspired, lukewarm Christian walk. Let Fasting as unto the Lord take your relationship with God to the next level!

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“Fasting as Unto the Lord has received praise by both the student body and the academic faculty of Brewer Christian College and Graduate School. We are currently using the book as a supplemental text in our SYS 322 Theology of Prayer course.”

Dean of Students, Reviewer

September 6, 2005

"I found this book to be an asset in the biblical guidance of fasting. I recommend it."

Gospel Singer, Reviewer

September 11, 2005

"This book inspired us with such a powerful anointing, that we shared it with others that were planning on or had thought of fasting. They too felt something special transpire upon reading it. This is a must read for anyone interested in Fasting. You will never approach fasting in the same light again. God bless you for writing this book!"

Entrepreneur, Reviewer

September 18, 2006

"This book was very informative concerning perhaps the most under-used weapon in the Believer's arsenal.  Sister Salmonson help's clarify the different types of fast with scriptural references to back up her arguments. It also contains the significance of fasting (Strengthening the spiritual man by denying the physical man), as well as, clarification on what a true fast is versus a discipline...I was blessed by this quick and easy read and often refer to it when sharing about what fasting is and what it isn't."

Minister, Reviewer

August 24, 2004

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